National visa now also for graduates with Bachelor's degree

Since 1 October 2023, the Government of the Slovak Republic has expanded the range of foreigners to whom it will grant national visa for the purpose of seeking employment or for purpose of employment in Slovakia.
As of April 2022, Slovakia grants foreigners with the profile of a highly qualified employee a so-called national visa. Until now, this has applied to those who have completed their higher education at Slovak or Czech university, those who have graduated from one of the world's top universities, which are on the list prepared by Slovakia according to the most prestigious global university rankings, and finally to graduates with at least second level of university education of at least four years duration, who are also looking for employment with a Slovak employer in one of the jobs that have a high added value for the Slovak economy (government listed of these professions here:
Now in October 2023, the third category has been expanded to include those who have completed only three years of higher education and are no longer required to have a second level university degree, opening up national visas to holders of "bachelor's degrees. "
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