There are about 70 000 foreigners employed in Slovakia and different segments of Slovak economy and labour market will continually need even more qualified professionals in health and social care, transportation and all areas of provision of services. Since 2018 Slovak law allows for an accelerated process of employing foreign workers who fill in the gaps in areas of the labour market with a lack of working force.

Are you interested in employment in Slovakia and do you need to navigate yourself in the legal regulation allowing your access to the Slovak labour market? Are you a high - qualified worker interested in obtaining an EU blue card? Do you want to obtain a work permit in an accelerated procedure for a profession with a lack of working force in Slovakia? Are you arriving for the purpose of seasonal work or are you interested in prolonging your stay, making your status more permanent in Slovakia, changing your work or employer?

We can help you with arranging for your single permit for work and stay, provide advice in which situations law does not require work permission, what awaits you regarding taxes and deductions to health and social insurance according to Slovak law. If you need to have your education or qualification recognised in Slovakia, we will advise you on what to do about it.

We provide complex legal counselling and assistance also to employers who want to employ foreigners from third countries.