Depending on whether you are already in Slovakia or you are contacting us from abroad, we will help you with fulfilment of legal conditions for your arrival or settlement in Slovakia. We assist with requests for visa, for temporary or permanent residence.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the better. It is necessary to plan relocation to Slovakia sufficiently in advance, since Slovak law will not allow you to legalise your stay in Slovakia later.

If conditions of your life in Slovakia change, you need to change the purpose of your temporary residence, or the original purpose of your residence is not valid any more, for example your marriage, employment, study, business in Slovakia ended, you should act sufficiently in advance in order to manage all required legal steps. We will advise on the best solution for you.

If you live in Slovakia for a longer time, we will also provide counsel on which conditions must be met in order to apply for Slovak citizenship and can represent you in this process.

acquisition of slovak citizenship

What conditions do you need to fulfill to apply for Slovak citizenship? What documents do you need to submit? How long does it take?