• Do you already have legal residence in Slovakia and want your family to relocate and settle with you? There are several legal options depending on your citizenship and type of your residence in Slovakia and citizenship of your family members.

  • What can you do if the family is based on a registered partnership or has not been established by means of concluding the marriage?

  • Do you want to marry a foreigner? Is it better for you to marry in Slovakia or abroad?

  • Is it possible to relocate to Slovakia your parents or other relatives who are depending on your care?

We will advise you on all legal matters related to marriage with a foreigner, how to recognise your marriage concluded abroad for official purposes in Slovakia, as well as how to relocate and settle in Slovakia together with your family members. We will propose the most optimal way on how to arrange for family reunification in accordance with the legal regulation in Slovakia. We will also help you out with information on legal possibilities of income generating activities in Slovakia and can assist you in arranging for a work permit, which law requires from foreigners arriving as family members in their first 12 months in Slovakia.

In addition, family life also evolves, children become adults and move out of the family to live as an independent unit. Family life can also get complicated, relationships fall apart and it may have an impact not only on family relations, but also on their right to residence in Slovakia. Seek our advice and prepare to resolve your situation with sufficient time in advance.